Aleksandar Nikolov

PhD Student, Computer Science, Rutgers University

About me

I am a PhD Candidate in Rutgers University's Computer Science department. My current interests are in discrepancy theory and its applications to computer science, as well as the theoretical foundations of private computation. I also think about sublinear and parallel algorithms for analyzing massive data, approximation algorithms and hardness of approximation, high-dimensional convex geometry. For more information, look in Research. I am advised by Prof. S. Muthu Muthukrishnan. I am currently supported by a Simons Graduate Fellowship. I am on the job market.

On the more personal side: I was born in Varna, Bulgaria, right on the Black Sea coast. On my mother's side I come from a family of Banat Bulgarians. I came to New Jersey in 2004 to study in St. Peter's College: a small Jesuit college in Jersey City. I first came to Rutgers in 2007, for a summer undergraduate research program (which was a great experience).

If you want to be especially friendly, and follow Slavic people's proud tradition of having arbitrary nicknames, you can call me Sasho.

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