Paul is dead?!?

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The way we (Jim Kendall and some friends) understood it back then was, PM got into this car wreck early one Wednesday (Nov 2, 1966?) morning at 5 am whilest looking at a pretty "meter maid", not seeing the changing traffic lights. He wasn't killed outright, but his car caught fire, a crowd of people stood around, and then he died from head wounds (he lost his teeth and hair). The morning paper came out with an article but was then censored, recalled. Enter William Campbell and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

It all started in October of 1969....Paul McCartney was dead, or so it was rumored. The story started when a capricious student wrote his term paper on the subject. Well, the college paper was duly impressed and promptly repinted it in their tabloid. (Fred LaBour at Michigan U., quoted in the Sept. 23, 1969 Illinois U. "Northern Star" article "Clues Hint at Possible Beatle Death") [moore@canisius.uucp]. From there, WKNR radio in Detriot picked up the story and their program coordinator, Russ Gibb, broadcast it to the rest of the unsuspecting world.

The story was based on "clues" from record sleeves, songs, etc. that "proved" Paul had been killed in a car crash in November 1966. Researchers discovered that a crash had occured around that time which involved a young dark haired male who was disfigured beyond recognition. Then the Beatles, in the winter of 1966, held a "Paul look alike" contest but no winner was ever announced. BUT - there was a winner....his name was William [one person said Richard] Campbell, a Scot [Fai Lau (ugfailaw@sunybcs) claims he was Canadian], and he was paid a considerable amount of money to play along with the facade - he was to be the NEW Paul. He supposedly looked enough like PM to sit in with the other Beatles for photographs, sometimes even fooling the photographers. Strangely, nothing was ever heard of William Campbell again. His picture is included on the poster that came with the White album in the lower right-hand corner. Looks like Paul with glasses, mustache, and combed back hair. William Campbell has this faint scar on his upper lip, PM doesn't... [Lau also claims Paul never played guitar before his 'death', only bass, but I don't believe this to be true -- Paul was -originally- a guitar player, who became a bass player when the band needed one.]

Since that day, the Beatles started putting clues on their album sleeves and even in their music so that their poor fans would find them and thus the shock of Paul's untimely death would be assuaged.

Or so the story goes.....

Some of the clues:

A few post-beatles clues:

None of the above is intended to be true or accurate since Paul is, obviuosly alive and well in Scottland or Tucson or somewhere. I also remember someone trying to verify that the vocal patterns of Paul's voice were the same when he sang "Yesterday" and "Lady Madonna", but then found that they were indeed different voices.