On Homework:   

The purpose of homework is to gain insight into the theoretical and computational aspects of course topics. It is important that you keep up with the suggested reading and that you make every effort to submit as much of the assigned homework as you can so that you may profit from our feedback. Experience shows that simply filing the distributed HW solutions away hoping to review them later, is a sure way to miss acing this course!   


  • Problems in a HW problem set may be assigned incrementally as material is covered in class. Work on each HW problems immediately so that you may resolve your questions early on. Remember: It will be nearly impossible to do the entire homework well if you leave it to the last minute.
  • Verbal discussion of HW problems and solution approaches among classmates in this section is encouraged. But
    your HW submissions must be ENTIRELY your own. Do not work from anyone else's written solutions or rough drafts of solutions. (See Academic Integrity.)
  • For each problem of your HW submission, you must list all discussants or write "No discussants". (Your grade will not be affected by this reporting. However, each omission will cause a zero grade for that problem).
  • On the due date, submit your HW to the Instructor within the first 5 minutes of class: No late submissions or makeups, regardless of late arrivals or absences, will be accepted. Please don't ask for one.
  • Your feedback on grading issues is useful and very welcome, if stated by following this procedure.