John Asmuth

About me
  • I now work at Google as a software engineer.
  • I finished my PhD from Rutgers University in 2013.
  • I am a member of RL3, Michael Littman's Rutgers Laboratory for Real Life Reinforcement Learning.

    Research Interests
  • Bayesian Reinforcement Learning

    My publications can be found on RL3's publications list.

    Useful Documents
    Here is a paper bank on Bayesian RL prepared by Chris Mansley.
    Here is a paper bank on model-based bayesian RL prepared by myself.
    Things you can do with matrices.
    Things you can do with gaussians.
    Things you can do with latex.
    The wikipedia page on conjugate priors.

    Other stuff
    I transcribed the sheet music for Suna no Hoshi (Sandy Planet) from the anime Trigun.

    John Asmuth's Facebook profile

    My uncle runs a great pool maintenance business in Chicago, and I'm trying to give it a boost by linking it on my .edu page.