Jingjing Liu (Danny)
Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University,
110 Frelinghuysen Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019
Email: jl1322 at cs dot rutgers dot edu
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Spring 2013
CS514, The Complexity Theory of Constraint Satisfaction Problems by Professor Mario Szegedy.
CS534, Computer Vision by Professor Ahmed Elgammal.
Topics on: calibration, linear filters, edge detection, local features, texture, geometry of multiple views, motion, segmentation, tracking, model-based vision, pose estimation, appearance-based vision, object recognition and etc.
Fall 2012
CS521, Numerical Analysis by Professor William Steiger.
Topics on: floating point numbers and roundoff error, linear systems, oolynomial approximation and interpolation, numerical differentiation and integration, and numerical solution of differential equations.
CS535, Pattern Recognition by Professor Vladimir Pavlovic.
Gaussian Process regression and classification, and this method applied to sea level prediction.
Spring 2012
CS513, Design and Analysis of Data Structures and Algorithms (I) by Professor Swastik Kopparty.
Worst case, average case, and amortized analysis. Data structures: search trees, hash tables, heaps, Fibonacci heaps, union-find. Algorithms: string matching, sorting and ordering statistics, graph algorithms. NP-completeness.
CS536, Machine Learning by Professor Tina Eliassi-Rad.
Inductive learning, including decision-tree and neural-network approaches, Bayesian methods, computational learning theory, instance-based learning, explanation-based learning, reinforcement learning, nearest neighbor methods, PAC-learning, inductive logic programming, genetic algorithms, unsupervised learning, linear and nonlinear dimensionality reduction, and kernels methods.
Fall 2011
CS520, Principles of Artificial Intelligence by Professor Vladimir Pavlovic.
Overview of artificial intelligence. Basic problems and methods; deductive inference, declarative programming, heuristic search; reasoning and representation in perception, planning, and learning.
CS580, Topics In Computers In Biomedicine by Professor Dimitris N. Metaxas.
This course surveys computational methods in biology or medicine, including medical image segmentation and cardiac modeling . The course also teach implementation and practical use of a wide variety of vision algorithms.