X-Files Expo 1998 - NYC

This is the story of my day at the X-Files Expo in New York City. You will read about the outside, the inside, who spoke, and what they said. I hope it won't be boring!

We'll divide this up into sections, progressing (more or less) through the day as it happened.


I took the train into NYC, and hoofed it to the Jacob Javitts Center, a few blocks from the train station on the west side of Manhattan. Having read horror stories of lines on the 'net, I half expected to find a long soggy (it was a cold, rainy day -- appropriately Vancouverish) line of fans snaking out of the building. Fortunately for me (and for them), the Javitts Center is bloody huge, and all the line-forming was indoors. To my surprise, the Expo was not the only event being held in the Center that day -- a Cigar Show was in progress, along with some sort of religious convention as well.

We begin our words and pictures, then, with the lines outside the entrance to the gigantic room used to house the expo.

Once through the preliminaries, I went Inside.

Within, in addition to the other things I've described, was a display of Props and Clothing used in the show.

Also in one area were a series of Oldmobiles (they were sponsors for the show), guarded by some MIBs.

By now, it was time to take in the stage presentations:
11:45am: Nick (Krycek) Lea takes the stage

12:30pm: Frank Spotnitz, a writer and producer for the show.

1:15pm: Steven Williams tears up the stage.

2:00pm Dean Haglund brings along his improvisational road-show

5:00pm Gillian Anderson, at long last, appears.

Afterwards, I hung around and was rewarded by learning that Steven Williams and Dean Haglund were hanging out at the Press area. I zipped over there.

... and then it was over! I limped back to Penn Station (and I mean limped; I'd been on my feet for over 14 hours by now). Once home, I slept through most of the following day (and so didn't go to the second day at all). But I think I had a pleasant enough adventure anyhow.

Oh yeah, a couple of souveniers:
in one of the green-screen key things, in this one, I give Skinner what fer, and .

waiting, as usual, for Mulder to show up for an appointment.

The text and photographs in this presentation are copyright 1998 by Charles McGrew, and may not be used in other presentations or accounts without my permission. (But I'm a nice guy, I'll probably give it :-)
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This was put up in April 2000, because I finally got some time to do it. It's not quite complete, but will be soon. I apologize for the bad scans, most of the pictures were of questionable light-level; it couldn't be helped, for one reason or another.