This directory is maintained by Charles McGrew ( of the Rutgers LCSR/CF. It is intended to aid researchers and students of the UFO phenomenon. Please note: I make no guarantees about the truthfulness or accuracy of any of the files contained herein (except ones written by myself, which I have made every effort to keep accurate.) Do not jump to any conclusions; in this game, you can't tell the players without a scorecard, and the scorecard is classified! :-)
Filename Description
1122laco.ufo Notes from an 1989 interview of Bob Lazar.
1209laz.ufo Transcript of a (different) 1989 George Knapp interview of Bob Lazar.
1214hard.ufo Excerpts from a 1989 Chuck Harder interview bearing on the Lazar case.
1220laz.ufo Transcript of (yet another) interview with Bob Lazar. "3 star" interview on crashed disks.
500000-year-old question and answer about the supposed half-million-year-old artifact discovered in 1961 in California. Excerpts from a 1990 AvWeek article on "black" aircraft
aaas.doc Results of survey of aaas concerning UFO's.
a.a.v-faq The FAQ from the alt.alien.visitors newsgroup
a.a.v-mini-faq The Mini-FAQ from the alt.alien.visitors . newsgroup. Both of these are kept up to date by Steve Gamble (
abduct.aus Abduction cases in Australia
abduct_2.aus More on Australian abduction cases
abductions.cis Description of Soviet UFOlogist's talk at 1992 MUFON symposium concerning abductions in what was the Soviet Union.
abductions.jacobs 1991 CBC interview with David Jacobs concerning abductions.
abduction.psychology Psychiatric evaluations of abductees
abductions UFO Magazine article on Abductions
abductions.2 HUFON article on abductions
abductions.aus Australian abductions
abductions.books.councellors Reading list and councellors on abductions
abduction.categories A proposed classification system for abduction events.
abductions.psychology Clinical Psyhologist's article on reactions of people reporting being ufo-abducted.
admiral-hill-norton 1991 article on Admiral Lord Hill-Norton, a "believer"
Air-Force-Cadet-Manual USAF Cadet manual for Physics 370 ("Space Science" -- a course that seems not to be taught any longer, at least with that reference number.) Chapter 33 - UFO's.
airships Short exchange over the "Great Airship Wave" of 1897.
afosr Overview of the USAF Office of Scientific Research
afosr-pnr USAF OSR Procurement Notices Report
afosr-projects Report on USAF OSR "External Aerodynamics and Hypersonics" Project
al.bielek Interview with Al Bielek, concerning the "Philadelphia Experiement"
alien.bases ORTN article on alien bases A review of Timothy Good's "Alien Liasons"
aliens.betting Article describing how the famous William Hill bookmakers are limiting their risk on their long-running "Aliens Landing" bet.
aliens.crops Comments on 1991 crop formations
aliens.puerto 1991 sightings over Puerto Rio
aliens.soviet 1991 sightings over Khazakstan
alien.types Description of "Alien Types"
alien.types David House on types of alien beings (turns out there's a bunch of 'em)
aliens.wwii UFO's during WWII
alien-bodies List of alledged alien bodies held by the US Gommint (1947-1989)
aliens.more Misc. Postings by the (in)famous John Winston
aliens.more.silly Comments on humanity's "reptilian past"
allagash Article concerning the abduction of four men in August, 1976, and their hypnotic-regressed memories of it.
alternative-3 Review of a book on "Alternative 3"
alterative-3.hoax A skeptical description of "Alternative-3"
ancient-indian.spaceships Posting regarding UFO's as ancient Indian Flying devices.
anderson Article about Gerald Anderson (of the I-found-dead-aliens-in-1947-fame) and Stanton Friedman's belief in his story.
anti-blue-book A review of government "non- investigations" of the UFO phenomenon.
anti-grav Home-made "anti-gravity disks"
apollo-11 Purported radio-traffic from Apollo-11 of aliens on the moon
aquarium More stuff on the "Aquarium Conspiracy"
aquarium.eschatology The "Aquarium Conspiracy", PSI-Tech, the "Aviary", you name it, its in here somewhere...
area-51 Misc. traffic about "Area 51" and "S4"
area-51.sights A tour of the Area 51 area. (say what?). Article describing the "Argus Report" regarding Crop Circles.
army-n-ufos.july.1947 UPI Article from St. Louis Post- Dispatch on July 3, 1947 describing the Army as "mystified" about UFO's in western states.
army-n-ufos.july.8.1947 July 8 UP and AP articles describing what the Army Air Forces, Navy (and a Mr. Dunbar) are saying about the 1947 UFO "wave".
A51-picts-README Description of pics Area-51-pics
A51-bigsign.gif This is the warning sign on the Area-51-pics north side of Groom Lake Road telling you to go away.
A51-device.gif where Groom Lake Road enters the Area-51-pics Restricted Area.
A51-littleALeInn.gif The Little A"Le"Inn roadhouse, motel, Area-51-pics and diner.
A51-map.gif Map of the Tikaboo Valley which Area-51-pics includes Area 51, Rachel, the Black Mailbox, and Groom Lake.
A51-panorama.gif Four photographs taken at the Black Area-51-pics Mailbox location on NV-375.
A51-security.gif I was met by an unmarked olive-drab Area-51-pics Chevy full-size pick-up driven by a man dressed in desert fatigues. No government markings were on the truck, and it had Nevada plates.
A51-smallsigns.gif More signs on the south side of Groom Area-51-pics Lake Road telling you to go away.
ashtar "Telepathic Communication" concerning "universal truth concepts"
ashtar-tell-all "Channeled" comments on things 'soon to be revealed by the government'
assault A theological analysis of Whitley Streiber's first book
astronaut-sightings Collected sightings of US astronauts
astronauts US Astronaut sightings
astronomers Survey of aaas members concerning ufos
tk-majic Another view of MJ-12/Majestic/Majic etc.
aurora Article on "Aurora" aircraft
aurora Some more recent traffic on the purported "Aurora" aircraft.
authentic-spook Paul McGinnis discusses how to find what doesn't want to be found.
ball-lighting Excerpts from July, 1993 Discover Magazine article concerning possible explainations for the phenomenon of "ball lightning".
bama "BAMA" sightings
barry.goldwater transcript of US Senator Goldwater's UFO-related comments during a 1988 radio interview
bartoo Commentary concerning one Walter Bartoo
bbs-list MUFONET bbs listing
beckley.mib A review of Tim Beckley's "The UFO Silencers: Mystery of the Men in Black".
belgium Article on Belgian UFO sightings
belgium.1990 Translation of a Belgian Air Force report on UFO sightings on March 30-31, 1990
belgium.air-force Article on the Belgian sightings and the cooperation between UFO groups and the Belgian Air Force to investigate them
belgium.sobeps SOBEPS report on Belgian sightings
belgufo1.jpg Purported picture of the triangular images UFO seen in Belgium recently.
bennewitz Concerning "The Bennewitz Affair": Misinformation, Disinformation, MJ-12, and all that.
bentwaters Lord Hill-Norton concerning the Bentwaters landing.
bib Another UFO bibliography
biefeld-brown Long exchange over the possibility of antigravity 'drives'.
bill.cooper Article on Bill Cooper and John Lear
bill.cooper.2 More on Bill Cooper
bill.cooper.3 More on Cooper and Lear
bill.cooper.4 More on Bill Cooper (parts 1-3 in don.allen directory)
bill.cooper.5 More on Bill Cooper
bill.cooper.6 More on Bill Cooper More Cooper. More Project-names for the masses!
bill.cooper.more.more.more More Cooper. *More* Project-names for the masses!
bill.english Article on Bill English
Bill-English-bbs Announcement of a (for profit) UFO BBS run by Bill English
billy.meier Billy and the Pleiadians
black.programs Article on secret ("black") US Gummint programs
bob.lazar Interview transcript from a KLAS interview
Bob-Lazar.gif The face of the man himself. Groom-Lake
bob.oechsler The Carp Case, Bob Oechsler, and all that.
bob.oechsler.interview Transcript of an interview of Bob Oeshsler on the UK's Radio 1.
book-list H. S. Stewart's UFO Book List
bluebook.txt The "unknowns" of Project Bluebook's report, compiled by Don Berliner
brazil Concerning the "Chupa wave" in Brazil.
build.ufo "How to build a Flying Saucer" by T.B. Pawlicki
calif-underground-bases HUFON article on Underground Bases
canada.1992 Canadian UFO Survey, 1992
canada.1993 The 1993 Canadian UFO Survey
canadian-archives A survey of UFO sources to be found in Canadian Governmental archives.
canadian-files Article describing how official Canadian UFO investigation (the National Research Council, specifically) files have been mouldering in the national archives.
carp-report The Carp Case, from MUFON Ontario Commentary on the Carp Case
carp.mufon More on the Carp Case "Carp - the final word" (including RCMP reports)
cases.1992 MUFONET "Current cases" file
cattle Report on recent (1992-3)cattle mutilations in Alabama, USA.
cattle-mutes-alabama Black Helicopters and mutlizations in Alabama
cattle-mutilations Recent cattle mutilations in Colorado.
cc-radionuclides A report showing interesting results from an analysis of crop-circle soil samples.
cereal.madness "Circular Madness", by Rosemary Guiley. Hard times in Cereal Hall...
cfr.1211 Code of Federal Regulations #1211 - "Extraterrestrial Exposure". That's right, the US Law that applies...
cia.follies Article on problems of the CIA (including those pesky UFO-related FOIA requests.)
cia.research "Associated Investigator's" article that . attacks Bruce Maccabee and many others, alleging CIA contacts.
clarke-on-seti Arthur C. Clarke's message concerning the cancellation of SETI
clear-intent.interview 1988 Interview with Barry Greenwood, co-author of the well-received CAUS book "Clear Intent"
cleveland.1966 A group articles concerning UFO sightings over Cleveland in April, 1966, and what happened to a witness (nothing sinister, but the witness' reputation was savaged and his life generally ruined..)
cocaine Some pretty wild stuff concerning Paul Bennewitz, underground bases, etc.
con-lincoln-neb Description of UFO conference in Lincoln, Nebraska
condon.mutiny A description of some of the sorry details of the Condon "investigation" on behalf of the USAF. See David Saunders' "UFOs? Yes!" of a thorough examination. (Saunders was in the Condon group, which splintered over Condon's obvious (and pre-arranged) negative conclusion, regardless of evidence.
condon Misc. Comments by Keith Rowell on the Condon report.
confirmation.papers Government-document researchers find that the web of agencies involved included the NSA at a much earlier period than was previously thought, including reproductions of documents.
confrontation-book-review Review of Vallee's "Confrontations" Don Ecker's review of Jacques Vallee's "Confrontations", and Vallee's reply.
conspiracies-for-all The New World Order is coming for you! The Super-Rich are going to put us all in a concentration camps. Start stocking up on canned goods!
controllers file is called "the-controllers"
cooper-n-lear More stuff from Lear, Cooper, etc., with commentary.
cooper2 Misc. commentary on Bill Cooper
cooper-speaks "Wild Bill" Cooper on the bad guys on the computer nets, and so on.
cooper.frequency Where to find Bill Cooper (on shortwave).
cooper-from-vallee Excerpts of an interview of Bill Cooper by Jacques Vallee
cooper.whole-life-expo Transcript of Bill Cooper's talk at the 1989 "Whole Life Expo" -- the basics of his story...
cosmic More "revelations of cosmic awareness", including descriptions of back issues, and issue 93-12. New Age conspiracies for the masses!
cosmic.more More "Revelations of Cosmic Awareness"-- what's ahead for 1993. (This is an old issue, obviously.)
coverup Misc. philosophizing about "why cover up the 'truth' about ufos"
cover-stories excerpts from article "Lying by the Book" concerning cover stories for various "black" programs
CPR-UN-ufos Crop Circle researcher Colin Andrews on a talk given by himself and others to the UN in October, 1993
crop-circles HUFON and MUFON Articles on Crop Circles, plus bibliography
crop.circles Misc. articles on crop circles
crop-circle.1993 Center for North Am. Crop-Circle Studies update on 1993 crop circle in England.
crop-circles.un Comments concerning a UN-sponsored crop-circle investigation (and the odd snide comment from the poster)
crop-watcher Several recent issues of "The Crop Watcher"
crop-watcher-2 Issues 16, 17, 18, 19 of "The Crop Watcher", a Crop Circle 'zine.
crop.watcher.21 "Crop Watcher" number 21
crowley article about ol' Al Crowley, magic, this, that and the other thing
cseti-mexico CSETI's report on their trip to Mexico in Jan/Feb. 1993.
csicop-and-skeptic George Hansen analyzes the great nay-sayers of the modern age. Its not a happy story...
csicop-and-skeptic.2 More of the same.
cta "Call To Adventure" - UFO's and the mythic imagination.
cufon CUFON presents a collection of FOIA-recovered documents
cufon.ttaroswell CUFON's letter to the author of "The Truth About Roswell" concerning perceived ommisions.
cults Excepts from "Phenomenon - 40 years of flying saucers" concerning "ufo cults".
cutler-twining.evidence commentary on the "Cutler-Twinging Memo"
dead Stuff on 'dead alien bodies'
dean.txt Description of a presentation by Bob Dean and Stanton Friedman in Chicago in August, 1994.
debukeritis Humerous article of "dubunkers"
disc-decline.1947 Newspaper story from July 9, 1947 (one day after the Roswell crash news release) about how an US Army and Navy "crackdown" on reports is causing them to decline in number
disc-decline.1947-2 Report of above article in another newspaper.
disc-decline.1947-3 Article from July 9, 1947 concerning the decline in sightings, plus a teletype sent by the FBI (to another FBI office about the Roswell Disk.
disk-shaped.airplanes Collected list of "to-be-merged/disk-shaped"to-be-merged/ US aircraft
don-schmitt-conversation Comments about a chat with Don Schmitt, author of "The Truth About Roswell"
don-schmitt.on-roswell Comments about another chat with Don Schmitt. Transcript of an on-line interview with Don Schmitt on Compuserve.
dont-know MUFONET NYC Newsletter article opinion piece on "believers"
dreamland-trip Trip report to Area 51
dulce.nm "Phoenix Project"'s 'Dulce Report' and 'K-2 Report', plus commentary.
ebe.txt Excerpt from Jerome Clarks' "UFOs in the 1980s", dealing with reports of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities"
ehp A critique of the NRC's (generally negative) 1988 report on "Enhancing Human Performance"
engines Description of "starship engines"
england.50s Description of supposed coverup of sightingsby Ministry of Defense in England.
english Bill English and the alleged "Report #13"
english-on-krill Bill English discusses "The Krill Papers"
entirely-unpredisposed Cultural background of Abductee reports
e.t.-law Description of Title 14, Section 1211 of Federal Law, crimilizing "Extraterrestrial Exposure"
et-laws Article on CFR 1211, and commentary.
et.list A list of ET encounters from the 1950's and 1960's.
falcon-lake.1967 A 1980 report on the Canadian incident involving a man being burned by an unusual object (seen on a recent episode of "Unsolved Mysteries"
fatima-secret Discussion of the supposedly apocalyptic (and ufo-related) 'third secret of Fatima'.
fema FEMA, Mind Control, MJ-12, and everything
fetus.ufo Report on alleged abducted fetus
fire.marshal Excerpts from the "Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control", Chapter 13 -- concerning UFO's.
fla-boomerang Description of May, 1993 "Florida Boomerang"
foia Excellent guide to the ins and outs of the Freedom of Information Act
foia.hints Some information on mechanisms for obtaining documents under the Freedom of Information Act, excerpted from an IUR article.
foia-update An update from one of the net's most prolific FOIA requestors.
freqs Radio frequencies of interest
gao Excerpts from Washington Post article on the new General Accounting Office (GAO) probe of "The Roswell Incident", at the request of NM Rep. Steven Schiff.
gerald-anderson Article on Gerald Anderson (Roswell)
germany Sighting report from Germany
german.moon-bases Pretty wild stuff about Nazi Germany landing on the moon and mars; antartic bases, and so on.
goodman-lazar Excerpts from a 1989 radio interview with Bob Lazar
gordon-cooper Gordon Cooper on supposed astronaut sightings of UFO's.
government-psi Comments on government-sponsored psi research
gravity2 Anti-Lazar article attacking his descriptions of "how saucers work"
great.changes Announcement of "Great Changes" on January 11, 1992. (What, you didn't notice?)
green.meteors Concerning "Project Twinkle" and green meteors.
greys.nsa The Greys help the NSA? Say it isn't so!
gritz-on-cooper Letter from Col. Bo Gritz concerning Bill Cooper's various allegations.
GroomLake-1968.gif Satellite photo of Groom Lake in Groom-Lake 1968, from EROS data center.
GroomLake-1978.gif Long-distance photo of Groom Lake Groom-Lake in 1978
GroomLake-1978-zoom.gif Closeup from the same location, with Groom-Lake a plane which may be a MiG parked in front of a hangar.
groom-lake Goings on at Groom Lake -- the USAF is trying to seize land around it, to keep people away...
groom-lake.tour Camping out on "Freedom Ridge", within sight of the non-base at Groom Lake.
groom-lake-trip A Groom-Lake trip report
groom-lake.toxic-suit Concerning the suit filed against the non-existant base where non-existant workers were illegally non-exposed to non-existant hazardous wastes. Bill English's story of seeing the officially-nonexistant "Report 13" (the one that doesn't exist, even though 14 does.)
guardian The "Guardian Letter"
gulf.breeze Gulf Breeze stuff
gulf-breeze2 Excerpts from Gulf Breeze Sentinel on sightings there.
gulf-breeze-6 Concerning "The Gulf Breeze Six"
gulf-breeze.daylight Report on recent daylight sightings of unusual objects in Gulf Breeze, Florida
gulf-breeze-photo-analysis Description of a photoanalyst's findings on the famous Gulf Breeze photos.
guy-kirkwood Concerning Mel Noel/Guy Kirkwood
hackers (a.k.a. "ufohack.txt") excerpts from "Computer Underground Digest" article on 'hackers going after ufo secrets' Of unknown veracity -- (sage) comments afterwards Summary of thoroughly-researched report . of mysterious lights in Norway in the early 1980's.
history.txt A description of various ufo-related events from 1897-1959
history2.txt Descriptions of events of the alleged government coverup of the UFO phenomenon from the early 1960's to 1988.
hoagland Early report on the "Mars Face" theories of Richard Hoagland
hoagland-interview Excerpts from an interview with Richard "Face on Mars" Hoagland
hoagland.notes Notes from Hoagland's video
holographic-artifact concerning the purported "holographic artifacts" in the news lately
horse-mutilation Excerpts from June, 1993 Denver Post article concerning horses being mutilated in England.
horton.brothers The Horton Brothers (German flying wing developers and Roswell/Twining.
horton.wing Article on some of the Horton Brothers' flying wings from WWII, including the turbojet powered Ho-IX fighter-bomber.
hot-air Reactions to the "Associated Investigators" allegations concerning CIA people every where. (The AIR file is in this archive as "cia-research".
hudson.valley Hudson Valley, NY sighting information
hudson-valley.abductions Article by Phil Imbrogno concerning reported abductions in the Hudson Valley, NY.
human Article on mutilations of humans purportedly by UFO occupants.
human.mutilations Discussion by Don Ecker of reports of mutilations of humans by UFO occupants.
hynek Misc. biographical comments on J. Allen Hynek.
hynek-blue-book Excerpt from Hynek's "The UFO Experience - A Scientific Inquiry", concerning Project Blue Book and its bound-to-fail set-up.
hynek-classifications Hynek's (classic) sighting categories
hynek-interview Excerpts fomr a 1985 interview with J. Allan Hynek concerning the UFO phenomenon.
ice-files The "Ice Files", concerning Project Aquarius
images directory of misc. images images
images-online NASA images ftp-able!
indian.point.1984 Hudson Valley sightings, specifically Indian Point.
inside-ufo Excerpts from a 1990 "Omni" magazine article about the inside of a UFO, from interviews with abductees
interstate-84 Article by Phil Imbrogno about recent UFO sightings in Connecticut. A review of Karla Turner's "Into the Fringe"
intro.cufon The USAF Manual again, but only the first half of that in file "Air-Force-Cadet-Manual"
investigators-edge MUFONET's "Investigator's Edge" series
jackie-gleason Excerpts from a report on Jackie Gleason's reported UFO-related activities.
jacobs A description of lectures by "Dr. Jacobs", who apparently was on the Robertson Panel
jacobs-and-klass Transcript of an April, 1992 "debate" between abductionist David Jacobs and high-priest-of-the-skeptics Phil Klass.
janap.146e2 Complete text of JANAP 146(E), which specifies reporting channels for UFO sightings. As released in Feb. 1994 in response to a FOIA request.
john.lear John Lear's "working hypothesis", another Lear document, plus commentary
john-lear John Lear's famous "statement" - Nazi Flying Saucers, MJ-12, etc., etc.
john.lear.expose Stuff on John Lear by Don Ecker
john.lear.letter 1987 Letter from John Lear to Steve (Steve's last name isn't included) concerning MJ-12, EBEs, and all that.
jusacisaaf Describing the Joint American Soviet Aerial Anomaly Federation, a consortium of UFO groups
kecksburg Article about supposed crash of UFO at Kecksburg, Pa. in 1965
kecksburg2 Concerning the purported crash of a UFO in December 1965 at Kecksburg, Pa.
KellyMine.gif Artists conception of the super secret Groom-Lake facility rumored to be in the Pappoose Range, just 10 miles south of Groom Lake. The facility is supposedly built into the mountains. At the location where the facility is rumored to be, USGS 7.5' topographic maps indicate a convergence of dirt roads to a mine site labeled "Kelly Mine". A friend told me that when he was in the military, they would often use abandoned mines as command posts during exercises.
ken-arnold-article June, 1947 St. Louis Post Dispatch AP article on the famous Ken Arnold sighting.
keyhoe-moon Excerpts from Donald Keyhoe's "Flying Saucer Conspiracy", concerning purported activities on the moon in the 1950's and before.
kingston.ontario A partial history of sightings in the Kingston, Ontario area.
klass-n-walton More in the neverending attacks by Phil Klass on Travis Walton.
klass-on-blum Phillip Klass' scathing critique (gosh, what a surprise) of Howard Blum's "Out There."
knapp-harder-interview Radio interview of George Knapp, reguarding Bob Lazar
kortron Another interdimensional being speaks!
krill More on the source for the "krill papers"
krill.2 More commentary on the "krill papers"
krill.papers The infamous "O.H. Krill" Papers
krill.papers.commentary Commentary on the above
land-grab.take-2 more on the groom lake land grab
lazar.documents A timeline of Bob Lazar's life (with footnotes) up to June 1993
lazar.fiction Glenn Campbell (of "The Groom Lake Desert Rat") comments on Bob Lazar Interviews with Robert Lazar Information on the (maybe)upcoming movie based on Robert Lazar's allegations.
lazar.jet-car The 1982 story on his jet-car that Lazar claims Dr. Edward Teller saw before meeting him (and eventually recommending him to S-4).
lazar.physics Comments on Bob Lazar's reports of things he saw at Area-51.
lazar.technical A collection of interviews with Bob Lazar
leonard.stringfield Table of crash/retrieval events from Leonard Stringfield's books
lear-et-al Don Ecker (of "Ask UFO" Magazine) on Cooper, Lear, and others
lear.las-vegas Article (from Paranet) by journalist Lars Hansson concerning John Lear, Bill Cooper, and Hansson's claims of Lear's complicity in a giant conspiracy to subvert just about everything. [LONG]
levitation Excerpts from "The Secret of Levitation", using sonics.
lib.of.congress Listing of UFO books from the US Library of Congress
lincoln-junk Excerpts from an article from a Lincoln Nebraska newspaper concerning weird things in the sky in January, 1994.
linda-moulton-howe Overview of a L.M.H. talk
linda-napolitano A counter-report 'against' Hopkins' telling of the "Linda Case"
little-ale-inn.goof Goofy little article on the biggest little alien bar and grill in the world.
long-island A report on the purported long island ufo crash in 1992.
long-island.ssp Excerpts from a May, 1993 article in the "South Shore Press" (a LI newspaper) concerning the purported crash/retreival.
long-island-by-isw Comments by "Island Skywatch" (another Long Island, NY UFO organization) on LIUFON's "UFO crash" story.
long-island.liufon Long Island (NY) UFO Network press release concerning their claims of a crash/retreival in South Haven Park on Nov. 24, 1992.
loonies Predictions from Space Aliens! Read or Die!
maji "don.allen/Maji" documents
magnetic-implant-reponseDiscussion of abductions, implantations, and possible defenses.
magonia The Magonia Sighting Database files magonia
mantell Testimony and information on the Mantell crash in 1948
mantell-2 Another version of the story of the Mantell crash
maritime Some CAUS-obtained Maritime UFO stuff
mars Hoagland, the Face on Mars, and all that.
mars-again Mars Observer and the Phobos'
mars.face Excerpts from an article by Hoagland.
mars-face.jpl-waffles Posting from PI of JPL Mars Observer Camera concerning the "Mars-Face", and JPL's sudden waffling of whether the "face" will be photographed or not. ('We'll try, but we won't succeeed. But we're not bad guys.')
mass-abduction HUFON report of Dec. 1992 abduction
mass-abductions.1992 Article on the reported mass abduction event in Houston, Texas in 1992
mcarthur.1955 Concerning Douglas McArthur's "Interplanetary war" speech. A closer look at the 'face on mars', NASA's administration, and decisions on who sees what when...
meier Billy Meier, and all that.
meier2 Excerpts from Wendell Stevens on Billy Meier, and all that.
men-in-black Overview of the "MIB" phenomenon
mexican-crash Report to "Deneb Team Members" concerning purported crash of a ufo in northern Mexico in 1974, plus a reported 1971 abduction.
mexico-city Report on UFO sighting in 1991 during eclipse in Mexico Report on video(s) of same
mars-again Mars Observer and the Phobos' Pictures of UFO's over Mexico in images 1991 and 1992
MEX-UFO.1.jpg Picture #1 images
MEX-UFO.2.jpg Picture #2 images
MEX-UFO.3.jpg Picture #3 images
MEX-UFO.4.jpg Picture #4 images
MEX-UFO.5.jpg Picture #5 images
MEX-UFO.6.jpg Picture #6 images
MEX-UFO.7.jpg Picture #7 images
mib.conversation A conversation between Peter Petrisko and an anonymous someone who claims to be "in the know" about supposed encounters with the "men in black" (who calls himself "Human Being")
micap Description of MICAP (Paranet)
micap-vallee-ufo-classification-system A description of a new (non-Hynek) UFO-sighting classification system
michigan.1993 Reports of UFO's in Michigan midway Information about the recent sightings at Midway, New Mexico
mind-control.bibliography A bibliography brainwashing, hypnosis, drugs, and other techniques of "mind control"
misc-mid-80s.sightings Just what it says
mj12 "Phoenix Project"'s 'The Ultimate Secret'
MJ12.bilge a fairly rambling collection of "dark- side"isms, apparently originally posted as one gigantic paragraph - edited for readability. (Note: the file name is not my idea...)
mj12-fbi.txt FOIA replies to recent requests for FBI "MJ-12" documents.
mj12.vallee excerpts from Vallee's "Revelations" on the MJ-12 stuff
montana.1976 Short article concerning chases by USAF planes of UFOs over Montana in 1976.
montel-williams-area-51 comments on a recent Montel Williams show that touches on "Area 51"
moon-structures Analysis of proported photographs of structures found on the Moon
moore-again Comments on a recent interview with Bill Moore.
moulton-howe 1991 animal mutilation update
mufon MUFON 1991 Conference Recap
mufon2 Misc. MUFON (old) news
mufon.89 MUFON's 1989 Sightings file (plus Jan. 1990)
mufon-inv MUFON "Investigator's Edge" series
mutilation.1967 SF Chronicle article from October, 1967 on mutilated horse in Colorado.
napolit.ufo Critical, anti-Bud Hopkins description of the "Linda" case.
nasa.1967 Article from 1967 NICAP publication describing UFO seen over Ohio NASA installation.
nasa-himat A description of NASA's Highly Maneuverable Aircraft project
nasa-x31 A description of NASA's X-31 demonstrator project
nasa-xplanes A description of the various "X" planes
navajo More on the 'Navajo mystery disease', what isn't (that is, it isn't what they said it is), and what it might be.
naziufos.gif Drawings of supposed Nazi Germany- images developed flying disks.
new-lightning Announcement of "huge flashed of light" in the upper atmosphere.
nightfall.memo A declassified 1975 memo inpinging on MJ-12
non-lethal 1993 article on UFO-related US "non-lethal weapons" research.
north-am.crop-circles.1993 List of Crop Circles found in North America so far in 1993.
nsa.charter The original charter of the NSA, rescued for your eyes by the FOIA. The NSA's security guidelines
nuclear-sites Reports of sightings over or near nuclear power plants from the early 1950's through to the 1980's.
oberg.txt The great space-science god speaks! James Oberg on the "chunks of ice"/ "to-be-merged/ufo battle" battle.
oberg-on-astro-sightings Space writer James Oberg comments on Brad Steiger's list of astronaut sightings
oechsler-calls-it-quits Bob Oechsler's fairwell-to-the-field
oechslers-reply Oechsler replies to "Carp: Final Word"
oechsler.interview.bbc1 Transcript of a 1993 interview of Bob Oechsler.
october.1992.surprise Bizarro predictions of the "October surprise conspiracy" (of 1992)
online-books Information on UFO-CD's.
ontario Account of supposed crash in Ontario in November, 1989
operation-majority-mj12 "Operation Majority"/MJ-12 Stuff from Bill Cooper and John Lear
oprah Interview on the "Oprah Winfrey" show with "Buzz" Aldrin, Al Bean, Ed Mitchell, Jim Irwin, and Charles Duke discuss their trips to the moon, UFO's, coverups, etc.
op.right-to-know Flyer from Operation Right to Know
orvotron Newsletter for "Ascending Star People"
out-there.booknotes Some notes on Howard Blum's book "Out There"
ovotron.1991 Several "Orvotron Newsletters" from 1991
ovotron.1992 An "Orvotron Newsletter" from 1992
oxcart The story of the plane we know of as the SR-71 The "Zimmer Skimmer" V173/F5U 'flying pancake' from WWII and immediately thereafter.
paranet-hierarchy Description of the alt.paranet newsgroup hierarchy
paranet-nodes List of Paranet nodes world-wide
paranoia Excerpts from a 1989 CUFOS editorial concerning paranoia, disinformation, and the law.
pentacle.memo CAUS-obtained 1953 USAF UFO memo
pflock Comments on Karl Pflock's "Roswell in Perspective"
philadelphia Misc. Postings on the "Philadelphia Experiment" Excerpts from article on the "Philadelphia Experiment" from Search Mazazine
phoenix Portions of "The Cry of the Phoenix", by "Hatonn"
phoenix.humor Iain Jaemeson's parody of the above.
phoenix.journal More Bizarro stuff from "Hatonn"
phoenix.project Concerning "The Phoenix Project"
phoenix-rainbow-phil.exp Interview with Al Bielek conncerning the "Philadelphia Experiment" and its purported successor, "Project Rainbow," the "Phoenix Project", and the "Montauk Project."
pilot-sightings Excerpts from a 1987 Air & Space magazine article on pilot sightings with commentary
pleadians Channeled "interview" with the Pleadians.
popovich Commentary on Marina Popovich (concerning Soviet 'Phobos encounter' claims)
pop-sci Excerpts from the recent Popular Science article on the Groom Lake non-base. An interview with Ed Dames, of the famous/infamous firm "Psi-Tech" discusses UFO's, the Taos Hum, Mars, and most everything else.
pyramid.hidden-chamber Report on a newly-found hidden chamber in the Great Pyramid.
queensland.1966 Article from a 1969 issue of Flying Saucer Review of a 1966-1968 series of sightings of an unusal things in Queensland, Australia.
randle-letter A letter from Kevin Randle to the Internet.
religion.ufo A New-Age view of UFOs
rdr-july-8.1947 Articles from the front page of the "Roswell Daily Record", July 8, 1947: the 'capture' announcement, reactions from local residents, and an interview with Gen. Nathan Twining.
roswell.archeologists Concerning the supposed archeologist- witnesses to the Roswell crash
roswell-autopsy Still purported to be from the infamous roswell-autopsy "Roswell autopsy film."
roswell-blanchard The curious movements of Col. Blanchard at the time of the Roswell crash.
roswell.brouhaha Comments about the Roswell controversy, . and the towering egos involved.
roswell-crash Testimony of Roswell witnesses
roswell.declaration The Roswell Declaration
roswell.fbi FBI telex concerning Roswell incident, July 8, 1947
roswell-news.july.1947 News articles concerning flying disc sightings in July 1947.
roswell.personalities Some of the personalities in the Roswell story
roswell.psi Psychic on Roswell
roswell-q-n-a Some useful questions and answers aboutthe purported crash of a ufo in NM in 1947, "MJ-12", and a few other things.
roswell-summary Newspaper and Teletyps about and around the Roswell crash
roswell.timeline Timeline of Roswell events
roswell.timeline.another A timeline of the events surrounding the UFO crash at Roswell, NM in 1947.
roswell.witness Pro-Anderson telling of the Gerald Anderson story
russia.1993 New reports of UFO's in Russia.
russian.sdi Excerpts from an article from "Just Cause" concerning Russian SDI experiments, UFO's, and government manipulation of UFO stories to suit their own purposes.
sagan.1962 Article from 1962 in which Carl Sagan (yes, that Carl Sagan) saying that alien civilizations have probably visited earth "every few thousand years".
scallion "Earth Changes and Preditions" from Gordon-Michal Scallion
scott.jones Long (but very thorough :-) attack on Dr. Scott Jones, a "mover and shaker" in the UFO field.
secret-history Notes from Robert Hastings' "secret history of the UFO"
seti NASA Press Kit information on SETI project
seti-dead Report on the "death" of the seti project, though it may not be...
seti-law Text of the NASA "Seti Law"
seti-returns Excerpts from news stories concerning the uncancellation of the SETI project by private donations.
siberia Commentary on the "Tunguska explosion of 1908
sightings Report of 1978 UFO-related aircraft disappearance in Australia
sitchin.endless.beginning Excerpts from Zecharia Sitchin's "The 12th Planet"
sitchin-interview Interview with Zecharia ("12th Planet") Sitchin about just about everything.
sitchin.interview2 An interview with Zecharia Sitchin
skeleton-on-the-moon Report on a Chinese scientist's allegations of Apollo 11 finding a human skeleton on the moon, and a resulting coverup.
skeptics.ftp Collected "Skeptical" newsletters, where to ftp 'em from.
socorro-saucer discussion of the symbol seen on the "Socorro Saucer", by Lonnie Zamora in 1964. (pictures in "images" directory)
socorro-hynek.gif Version of symbol from Hynek's images description
socorro-holder.gif Version of symbol from Ray Stanford's images book "Socorro Saucer"
soviets Excerpts from article on Soviet UFO secrets
soviet.1989 Excerpts from a newspaper article describing recent Soviet ufo-related events.
soviet-revenge Russian newspaper story on released documents of a 'battle' between Soviet Army units and a UFO.
soviets article describing Soviet ufology.
soviet.ufology Article from Soviet UFologist on psychological and physical effects from UFO encounters.
space-disasters A compendium of failed space missions
spacenew.txt More on Hoagland and the alleged "secret Mars project"
spook-interview 1998 article of an interview with a self-professed ex-intelligence agent
stale-horse (Anti) review of Bill Cooper's "Behold a Pale Horse"
star.warriors Bizarro "Star Warrior" stuff
state-by-state.1947 Chart of sighting types, broken down by state for the June and July, 1947 "UFO flap"
statistics MUFON's "UFO Trivia" (1990)
stevens-meier-and-all-that what it says
strieber Commentary on Whitley Strieber's "Farewell" Letter
streiber-king.1992 Transcript of a March 1992 interview of Whitley Streiber on the Larry King show.
strieber-waves-goodbye Whitley Strieber gives the finger to the UFO Community, plus commentary
strieber2 Strieber's "Farewell" Letter, plus some commentary
strieber3 Complete text of Strieber's last "Communion Newsletter"
sts48-footage Comments about the STS 48 "space battle" videotape
swamp-gas.journal Swamp-Gas Journal V6 N1.
swamp-gas.journal V6N4 of the SGJ.
swamp-gas.journal.v7n1 V7N1 of the SGJ.
tectonic-strain Analysis of the "Tectonic Strain" theory of UFOs.
testors.kit Description of the recently-released Testor's model of the Aurora craft.
the-controllers The CIA, the Nazi's, UFO's, you name it.
the-controllers.comments omments on the abduction phenomenon Review of a new book ("UFOs: the final answer?", with by articles by various writers.
triangular.1983 Report of triangular UFO over Hudson Valley, NY in 1983.
triangular.1988 Report of triangular UFO over Ohio in 1988.
triangular-ufos The Eastlake case
twining-schulgen.letter Gen. Twining to Gen. Schuler memo, 23 September, 1947
twosun 1965 article on the theory that our solar system has two suns.
types Description of types of described aliens seen by various witnesses.
ufo.bibliography Collected UFO books
ufo-conference.las-vegas-93 Report on the Las Vegas UFO conference in December, 1993.
The-UFO-Conspiracy Coverups, according to Bill Cooper
ufo-crashes.list An (incomplete) compedium of supposed crashes of UFO's
ufo.desert-storm Report of UFO shoot-down during operation desert storm. Report on the California "UFO Expo" in October, 1993.
ufo-guide Nick Humphries' "UFO Guide" ufo-guide
ufo1a2a.txt Description of pictures taken and Oregon-sighting reproduced as ufo1a and ufo2a in the same directory.
ufo1a.tif Picture from a UFO sighting December 5, 1995 in Beaverton, OR. Sent in by Alan Rogers ( (gif version also in same directory)
ufo2a.tif Picture from a UFO sighting December Oregon-sighting 5, 1995 in Beaverton, OR. Sent in by Alan Rogers ( (gif version also in same directory)
UFOGUM01.JPG A "ufo bubblegum card" Nowicki-Pics by Michael Nowicki
UFOGUM02.JPG ditto
UFOGUM03.JPG ditto
UFOGUM04.JPG ditto
UFOGUM05.JPG ditto
ufos-n-ndes UFO's and the Near Death Experience
ufo.occupants.categories classification of UFO occupants.
ufology.books H.S. Stewart's list of known and "must-read" UFO books
ufo-religion "Aliens Among Us -- A UFO Conspiracy Hypothesis in a Religious Mode", by John White. Guide to the old Gerry and Sylvia Anderson adventure show of the late 1960's and early 1970's, "UFO".
ummo Brief review of the famous mid-1960's "Ummo" case, and speculations on KGB involvement.
underground.berlitz Excerpts from Berlitz's "World of Strange Phenomena" about a "vast underground city" in Central Asia.
underground-kelly-afb Purported description of underground hangars at Kelly AFB in the early 1960's, and a crashed ufo by a witness. Description of the UN SEAT (Society for Enlightenment and Transformation) symposium in October, 1993.
unmasking Part one of "Unmasking the Enemy: Visions and Deception in the End Times"
usaf.manual.ufos "Air-Force-Cadet-Manual" again, in a slightly different form.
usaf-roswell-report The curious publishing of the USAF "Final" explaination of the Roswell crash
usaf-roswell.complete Well, not complete (the full report is 1,000+ pages, but here's the 25 page 'summary' released to the media Comments on the "UFO chapter in a USAF Textbook" reports
usaf.textbook.chapter Chapter from USAF's Textbook "Introductory Space Science"
usaf.1977 Report of ufo incident at Alsworth AFB (South Dakota) in 1977.
vallee CUFOS attacks Vallee's book "Revelation" (surprise!) 1991 Interview with Jacques Vallee
vallee-rodeghier.letter Letter from Jacques Vallee to Mark Rodeghier concerning one of Mark's articles, and Mark's reply.
venus Concerning venus-as-ufo identifications
victorian Comments on the Alexander/Victorian/ Aviary controversy
visitors-from-within "Channeled" stuff which may, or may not be of interest.
wackenhut Article on Wackenhut Corp. shenanigans
wales.ufo Description of the RAF base at Brawdy, West Wales, and how it may relate to UFOs
web.txt "New Age Cosmic" stuff: "Nightmare Hall" (Dulce, NM, MJ-12, hybrids, you-name-it)
what-if 1993 article on suppositions of aliens landing today.
white-sands Strange goings-on at White Sands, NM
whos-who 1991 "Who's who" in UFOlogy (according to MUFON)
wired.article Excerpts from a recent "Wired" article on Groom Lake
withdrawal.txt Comments on "withdrawals" of classified elements of National Archive files.
world Article on the world of UFOology and the sorry state it can be said to be in...
wright-patterson Comments on the significance of WP AFB. Sun "au" file format of the "X-files" opening theme.
zeta-reticula Information on the Zeta-Reticula system (where some aliens are purported to come from)
zeta-reticuli Long and detailed discussion of the "Hill map", the "Fish Map", and the Zeta Reticuli system.