ProjectWhite-space Occupancy Detection
DescriptionThis is a summer project of WinLab's. The goal is to study how feasible it is to build a system that is, given the audio feed record of a user who is watching TV, to determine whether they are watching TV they are recieving using over-the-air antenna. Crowd-sourcing such information from a certain population in a certain geographical location, gives an intiution of how over-the-air TV bands (white-space) are used (occupied). This page is to be maintained as the project's web-page
PeopleMohamed Abdellatif and Mohamed Ahmed, supervised by Marco Gruteser
MethodologyWe first capture TV signals in a cost-effective way, because a wider-scale crowd-sourcing approach implies deploying multiple instances of the spectrum-sensing station, next we analyze the input signal (given by the user) against the one fetched by the sensing station. After surveying several locations in the main campuses of Rutgers-New Brunswick, we picked the best most suitable to deploy our prototype instance.