Ruilin Liu

Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Computer Science
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Office: CoRE 333
Email: rl475 [at] cs [dot] rutgers [dot] edu

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About Me

I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Before coming to Rutgers, I obtained my Bachelor of Engineering degree from Shandong University and Master of Science degree from Tsinghua University.

Currently, I am a member of the Laboratory for Networked Systems and Security (Disco Lab). My research advisor is Prof. Liviu Iftode, and I am also working with Prof. Badri Nath. My research interests include Mobile and Pervasive Computing, Vehicular Networks, and Urban Computing.

Latest News

Dec. 6, 2014 New webpage was lauched

Nov. 25, 2014 Our paper "DoppelDriver: Counterfactual Actual Travel Time for Alternative Routes" was accepted in IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom 2015).

Oct. 30-31, 2014 Attended NSF DriveSense'14 workshop in Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA and gave a presentation titled "Enhance Rounting Efficiency and Semantics through Participatory Sensing".

Oct. 26, 2014 Our paper "Themis: A Participatory Navigation System for Balanced Traffic Routing" was accepted in 2014 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC 2014).

Oct. 16, 2014 Passed the Ph.D. Qualifying Exam!

Sept. 13-17, 2014 Attended Ubicomp 2014 in Seattle.


  • ParkScan: Parking Availablity Crowdsourcing based on Parking Decision Model
  • Inspired by the empirical phenomenon that ignoring a spot along a driver’s parking search trajectory is likely due to the unavailability, ParkScan builds the date-driven model to predict the probability that a driver would take a spot and leverages the learned parking decision model to estimate parking spot availability along driver's parking search path.

  • Themis: City-Scale Balanced Routing for a Better Traffic Ecosystem
  • A participatory system enabling the drivers to anoymously share traffic and trip information, with which the dynamic route planning service is provided to improve global travel time and ease trffic congestions.

    Selected Publications

    • Ruilin Liu, Yu Yang, Daehan Kwak, Desheng Zhang, Liviu Iftode, Badri Nath. "Your Search Path Tells Others Where to Park: Towards Fine-Grained Parking Availability Crowdsourcing Using Parking Decision Models." Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies 1.3 (2017). (Acceptance rate: 23/268 = 8.6%, Invited presentation at Ubicomp 2017).
    • Ruilin Liu, Daehan Kwak, Kostas Bekris, Liviu Iftode. "Investigating Remote Driving over the LTE Network." Accepted to the the ACM International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (AutomotiveUI), 2017.
    • Daehan Kwak, Ruilin Liu, Daeyoung Kim, Badri Nath, and Liviu Iftode. "Seeing is believing: Sharing real-time visual traffic information via vehicular clouds." IEEE Access 4 (2016): 3617-3631.
    • Ruilin Liu, Hongzhang Liu, Daehan Kwak, Yong Xiang, Cristian Borcea, Badri Nath, and Liviu Iftode. "Balanced traffic routing: Design, implementation, and evaluation." Ad Hoc Networks 37 (2016): 14-28.
    • Daehan Kwak, Daeyoung Kim, Ruilin Liu, Badri Nath, Liviu Iftode. "DoppelDriver: Counterfactual Actual Travel Time for Alternative Routes." In Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom), 2015 IEEE International Conference on, pp. 178-185. IEEE, 2015. (Acceptance rate: 29/196 = 14.8%)
    • Ruilin Liu, Hongzhang Liu, Daehan Kwak, Yong Xiang, Cristian Borcea, Badri Nath, Liviu Iftode. "Themis: A Participatory Navigation System for Balanced Traffic Routing." In Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC), 2014 IEEE, pp. 159-166. IEEE, 2014.
    • Daehan Kwak, Daeyoung Kim, Ruilin Liu, Badri Nath and Liviu Iftode. "Tweeting Traffic Image Reports on the Road." In the Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications and Services (MobiCase), Nov. 2014.
    • Srinivas Devarakonda, Parveen Sevusu, Hongzhang Liu, Ruilin Liu, Liviu Iftode, and Badri Nath. "Real-time air quality monitoring through mobile sensing in metropolitan areas." In the Proceedings of the 2nd ACM SIGKDD International Workshop on Urban Computing (Urbcomp), p. 15. ACM, 2013.
    • Yong Xiang, Zheng Liu, Ruilin Liu, Weizhen Sun, and Wei Wang. "GeoSVR: A map-based stateless VANET routing." Ad Hoc Networks 11, no. 7 (2013): 2125-2135.
    • Ruilin Liu Yong Xiang, and Yanqing Yang. "MARR-ALOHA: A mobility adaptive variety of RR-ALOHA for vehicular ad-hoc networks." In Consumer Electronics, Communications and Networks (CECNet), 2012 2nd International Conference on, pp. 3304-3309. IEEE, 2012.
    • Ruilin Liu, and Yong Xiang. "Analysis and comparison of MAC protocols in vehicular ad-hoc networks." Journal of Computer Application 31, no. A02 (2012): 5-8.


    Teaching assistant, Rutgers University
    • Operating System Design (CS416/CS518), Fall 2015, Spring 2016
    • Software Methodology (CS211), Spring 2013
    • Introduction to Computer Science (CS111), Fall 2012
    Teaching assistant, Tsinghua University
    • Operating System, Fall 2010, Fall 2011
    • Operating System Design, Spring 2011

    Ruilin Liu
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