Rodrigo Franco Toso

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Welcome to my home page! I'm currently a fourth year graduate student in the Computer Science Ph.D. program at Rutgers. I was born in Brazil, where I received my B.Sc. from Universidade Federal de Lavras and my M.Sc. from Universidade Federal Fluminense, all in Computer Science.

Contact info
E-mail address:
Office location: CoRE #346 (Busch Campus, Piscataway, NJ).
Office phone: +1 (732) 445-2001 Ext. 9708.
Office hours: Tue 5-6pm & Thu 7-8pm.

Teaching 2011/Fall: Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms (CS-344) -- Official class URL.
2011/Spring: Network and Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms (CS-522)
2010/Fall: Pattern Recognition: Theory & Applications (CS-535)
2010/Spring: Network and Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms (CS-522)
2009/Fall: Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms (CS-344)
2009/Summer: Data Structures (CS-112)
2009/Spring: Data Structures (CS-112)

Research My research interests are in machine learning (ensembles, unsupervised, and semi-supervised learning), efficient algorithms and data structures, and optimization (especially real-world problems).

Currently, I'm doing research on efficient variational algorithms for criterion function minimization in unsupervised learning, under the supervision of Prof. Casimir Kulikowski and Dr. Ilya Muchnik.


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