I am a Researcher at Technicolor Palo Alto, a research lab focusing on recommender systems and user data privacy. Prior to joining Technicolor, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Computer Science Department, University of British Columbia, working with Laks V. S. Lakshmanan. I completed my PhD research under the supervision of S. Muthukrishnan at the Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University.

My research interests are rooted in social networks, and my work explores various aspects of mining, modeling and analyzing these networks. I am working on problems in recommender systems that go beyond user/item recommendations, for instance, privacy in recommender systems, and recommending sets of items. My recent work studies influence in social networks to maximize product adoption in the context of viral marketing. During my PhD, I worked on the complementary problems of inference and privacy in social network data management.


Professional Service:

PC Member: ICDE 2014, KDD 2013, COSN 2013, WWW 2013, ICDM 2012, WOSS 2012 (at VLDB'12), RecSys 2012, SMANE 2012 (at WWW'12), DESWEB 2012 (at ICDE'12), ANT 2011, BASNA 2010.
Journal/External Reviewing: TKDD 2012, TKDE 2012, TWEB 2011, TKDE 2011, PAKDD 2011, ICDM 2008, SIGMOD 2008.
Registration Chair: WSDM 2012.

A few smiles :)

A non-negative linear combination of these terms can approximately describe me: smile, stars, hike, bike, drive, acrylic, green, bean, keen, earrings, backpack.


Address: Technicolor Inc.
735 Emerson St.
Palo Alto, CA

email: smriti.bhagat@technicolor.com

twitter: @purpleinca
blog: Aha!
linkedin: Smriti