Tarek El-Gaaly

Ph.D. Candidate, Rugers University

Autonomous Flight for 3D Reconstruction

  • Testing out a library for the Ar.Drone quadcopter. The library uses PTAM to perform monocular SLAM, fuses this with the IMU data and use this as feedback to the quadcopter. Apologies for the rather crudely captured video
  • Autonomous flight: the MAV performs autonomous GPS waypoint navigation and captures images for 3D reconstruction of the building facade
  • 3D reconstruction of the building facade
  • Autonomous Waypoint Navigation: In this video the quadrocopter does a 10m square pattern based on GPS waypoints
  • Structure from Motion: 3D Reconstruction from a Sequence of Images
  • Maiden Hover
  • Our code repository and wiki in-progress can be found here

    Experiments in Collaborative Robotics

  • A drone (micro-UAV) taking off, tracking and landing on a ground-robot (shown below).
  • Central Control of multiple AR.Drone quadrocopters (AR.Drone)
  • About Me

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    I am a Computer Science Ph.D. student @ Rutgers University. I did my undergraduate and masters degrees in computer science at the American University in Cairo.

    Research Interests

    Computer Vision
    Machine Learning
    Space Exploration
    Swarm Intelligence


    tgaaly at cs.rutgers.edu