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CS510, Numerical Analysis by Professor Gerard Richter.
Derivation, analysis, implementation of algorithms for numerical problems.
CS513, Algorithms by Professor S. Muthu Muthukrishnan.
Sorting, fibonacci heap, amortized analysis, randomized algorithms,graph theory.
CS521, Linear Programming by Professor Michael D. Grigoriadis.
Systems of linear inequalities (LI) and linear programming (LP), Duality, Geometry of polyhedra, Simplex, Large-scale programming, Polynomial algorithms.
CS530, Principles of AI by Professor Casimir A. Kulikowski.
Searching, Modeling uncertainty, Parametric and Non-Parametric Methods, Adversarial Search, Logical Agents, First Order Logic and Inference, Decision Theory and Expert Systems, Semantics of Bayesian Networks, etc.
CS534, Computer Vision by Professor Ahmed Elgammal.
Calibration, edge detection, texture, motion, segmentation, and tracking.
CS535, Pattern Recognition by Professor Casimir A. Kulikowski.
Cognition and recognition. Similarity measures and probability. Statistical classification. Linear and nonlinear discriminants. ANNs. Sequential methods in classification. Tree classifiers and induction from rules. Support vector machines. Kernel function methods. Error estimation methods; bootstrapping and cross-validation. Feature extraction methods.
CS536, Machine Learning by Professor Tina Eliassi-Rad.
An in-depth study of machine learning, to impart an understanding of the major topics in this area, the capabilities and limitations of existing methods, and research topics in this field.
CS552, Computer Networks by Professor Badri Nath.
Convey a thorough understanding of the basic principles behind the workings of the Internet. Principles, concepts, and detailed aspects of various network protocols from an Internet perspective, algorithms for routing, naming, and congestion control. Implementation details of popular Internet protocols and services. Impact of new environments such as data centers. Recent research results (papers from SIGCOMM, NSDI, Infocom etc) , protocol proposals, novel applications.
CS580, Topics in Computers in Biomedicine by Professor Dimitris Metaxas.
Physics-based modeling, deformable models, segmentation, motion tracking, Lagrangian equations.
CS500, Light Seminar, Sparsity Model and Its Applications by Professor Dimitris Metaxas and Dr. Junzhou Huang
CS500, Light Seminar,Machine Learning by Professor Tina Eliassi-Rad and Professor Michael Littman
CS500, Light Seminar,Theory of Computing Seminar by Professor Michael Saks
CS500, Light Seminar,Theory of Computing Seminar by Professor Eric Allender

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